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The best feeding for violets at home

I believe the most beautiful violets houseplants. There are many types of flowers. They are unpretentious in care. Like any flower, they must be regularly watered and fed.

On the methods of feeding you and I tell you right now. Violet is better not to fertilize in the winter, because they have this time of year a "dream", and it is better to once again not to load.


The easiest method of violets fertilizer - sugar. Per 1 liter of diluted about 30 grams of sugar. Glucose is essential for plant growth, and sugar is one of the most common and readily available sources of glucose.

banana skin

Banana is useful for people. There are a lot of trace elements and vitamins. Banana can extract a double benefit. Trace minerals and vitamins are also contained in the peel.

Therefore, it is possible and good to eat, and to feed our Fialochka. Peel to dry and grind into powder, diluted to 250 mL of water and let stand for about a week.

Then add 250 mL water and dirt can. As for me - it is one of the best fertilizers, it is convenient to use and it is very effective.

Suffice it once a month to water the violet and all the rest of the time watered with plain water.

Coffee grounds

This dressing I also use regularly. The recipe is simple - to mix the thick of the land and pour into the pot. Such a process is very effective at a low acidity of the soil.

Coffee I use only in early spring, when the flower in the winter only watered.

peel of citrus fruits

Peel also helps increase the acidity and the immune system, but this dressing long to make, so I use it less frequently. Peel any fruit grate and cover with boiling water, insist week.

Mixing 1 to 10 with water and water. A process efficient, but long. The peel a lot of vitamins, especially a lot of ascorbic acid, which increases the acidity of the soil.

You can pour a couple of times in the beginning of December, and then in early March. Then your violets will live a long time and even in the winter will not be dry.

Violets will please you always, if you have not only to feed them, but also to monitor the conditions of detention.

· Violets need as much sunlight as possible, so you need to keep them on the window sill on the east side.

· Violets should be kept in good humidity, that is, at 50-70%.

· The soil should be dark, that is, with plenty of humus, compost and all of this.

· Temperature of the contents should be average ambient, ie 20-25 degrees.

I love violets and believe that natural fertilizer where it is better synthetic. If you use the methods described here, your violets will delight you with their blooms all year round.

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