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Drops "Taufon 'eye: the benefits and harms, indications, analogs

According to statistics annually worldwide ophthalmic disease affects about 285 million. man. Visual impairment are overexertion, stress, aging, trauma, and other factors. If you use drops "Taufon" can solve many ophthalmic problems. The drug has a positive effect in patients of either sex. But whether there are benefits and harms drops "Taufon" for young children and the elderly? To answer these and related questions will help this article.

Description and composition eyedrops "Taufon"

"Taufon" - colorless liquid substance consistency, odorless. The Latin name of eye medication - «Taufonum».

Given the drug administration produced the following forms:

  • bottle;
  • an elastic tube with kapleobrazovatelem;
  • Dropper bottle.

Standard volume discharged substances - 1.3 ml, 5 ml and 10 ml.

The main useful component of eye drops is considered taurine. This harmless sulfonic acid was first obtained by German scientists from bovine bile in 1827. In the medical practice of taurine in the form of eye drops used in various lesions of the eye, including the hereditary pathologies.

Optional Components "taufon" to view and their properties:

  • Preservative E218. This substance has antifungal and disinfecting effect.
  • Sodium hydroxide. Component is involved in water purification from impurities and creates alkaline balance.

An additional element for cultivation of all components protrudes water for injection.

What is useful "Taufon" eye

When subconjunctival application of eye drops "Taufon" have retinoprotektornoe, protivokataralnoe and metabolic action. During system use the medicament has antihypertensive, cardiotonic and hepatoprotective properties.

During treatment, eye drops "Taufon" achieved such useful purposes:

  • Stabilization balance DNA molecules for the recovery of damaged cells.
  • Protection of the retina from negative external factors.
  • Amplification of the exciting wave pulse in eye nerve fibers.
  • Normalization of tissue respiration of oxygen.
  • Improving eye tissue regeneration.

The main benefit drops "Taufon" eye is that they stop the degenerative dystrophy. As well as senile and traumatic cataract types.

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