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Cherenkuem honeysuckle correctly: 5 tips

Honeysuckle is a garden ornamental, which is decorated with garden flowers and gives a very early harvest of edible berries. The plant is characterized by ruggedness and resistance to low temperatures, making it popular among gardeners.

The bush can be propagated by seeds, cuttings, and dividing the bush. The most successful and productive it considered a third way. In order to get a healthy and viable seedlings in the right quantities, it is necessary to fulfill several prerequisites.

1. The right choice of planting material

If the plant is propagated in the early summer, it is necessary to choose the shoots, which are green, and break when bent. Young tops are not suitable for reproduction. Most successfully reproduces the middle part of the shoot.

Cuttings, cut in the autumn, wrapped in a damp cloth and store in a cool basement until spring.

They are planted on the same technology as the green, with the beginning of the growth of honeysuckle bushes growing in the open field.

2. Preparation for planting sprouts

Each segment must have a length of 10 to 15 cm, and three pairs of leaves. The lowest pair of leaves need to break, as it will be in the soil. Middle and upper leaves of a pair of half cut costs.

This largely reduces the evaporation area, which greatly accelerate the development of a young runaway who do not have their own root system.

For successful rooting before planting shoots should hold hours in water or a solution of fertilizer special for rooting. It can be replaced with a few drops of freshly squeezed juice of aloe.

3. The composition of the soil

Young seedlings can be grown in a box or a mini-greenhouse. The primer must pass moisture and air. The most successful embodiment, a mixture of peat and sand in the ratio 1: 3.

You can also use the ground instead of the usual turf. At the bottom of the box should put a concrete block or other drainage mixture.

4. The temperature for the development of root system

The most favorable conditions for the establishment of honeysuckle, this moderate humidity and temperature conditions of 25 to 30 C0. In warm weather sufficiently to expose seedling box in the shade.

But at lower temperatures should hide seedling wrap or plastic bottles, leaving a gap for air flow.

5. Adaptation to climatic conditions

Young plants can be planted to a permanent place in the age of 2 years. During this period, you should create a viable root system, and prepare for growth in an open environment means hardening.

For the successful cultivation of honeysuckle not buy a plant a few varieties and planted them next to cross-pollination. Also worth noting is that the edible fruit can be considered only a blue or blue. Yellow berries are not suitable for human consumption.

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