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We as a family have come up with the design of suspended ceilings in the new apartment has got a nice and interesting

Their experiences to share with us, the family of Cheboksary

Ceilings - this home sky. That it has been granted a fertile atmosphere should carefully consider its design.

Stretch ceiling - the best solution for new buildings

Two years ago, our family acquired in Cheboksary new kopeck piece. I wanted to become an interior decoration of the room ceiling. New housing is usually shrinks, and therefore it was decided to make them tension. Each room has been picked up a certain type of ceiling, color, paintings, lamps and chandeliers. In this case, it was necessary to keep within the allotted budget.
ceiling design we thought through themselves, the ideas found on the Internet.


The first was "stretched" the ceiling in the hallway. Beauty and singularity had to provide their "floating" design. bright LED strip has been fixed under a film. The main light was provided by three spotlights 8W each.

When the backlight is "floating" ceiling really looks nice.

When the light is off, the padding of the wall is very eye-catching, creating the effect of unfinished work.

The process of installing ceiling and the result was impressed by the work of non-professionals. Contrary accolades in social networks. It was decided to terminate the contract and seek another firm.


New installers found quickly - a brigade recommend neighbor. The task was simple - to pull the usual glossy ceilings in the kitchen and in the bathroom.
In the kitchen, we set the white satin with three spotlights above the kitchen unit and a chandelier to match the interior.

For additional lighting installers advised to make a hidden LED lights around the room.

This was superfluous, since the light in the kitchen and enough without it. But through the illuminated inside the film eventually became visible dust particles crumble inter-panel joints and even sleeping flies... well, the backlight is turned off remote control.


The ceiling in the bathroom did not cause complaints, pearl lace pattern fabric with excellent décor elements on the tile.

Bedroom and living room

Specialists for the installation of ceilings in the living room and the nursery has not chosen on the recommendation of neighbors and reviews in the media, and the photo of the executed works. And no mistake.
In the living room ceiling mounted duplex diode lighting, spotlights and a romantic chandelier.

First level - gloss color "chocolate", the second - white matt fabric. Its surface (unlike glossy film) scatters light well.

In the children's gloss canvas mounted with photo printing "sky" on the first level and a white matte canvas in the second.

Now, in our house the sun shines whatever the weather.

Maybe carved suspended ceiling?

Children dream of carved ceiling in his room. But installers dissuaded:
• they are difficult to maintain,
• low,
• Holes in the fabric may be disturbed during installation,
• expensive.

Making ceilings with light lines guys also not recommended - supposedly off translucent design, which is not very aesthetically pleasing look.

Important! To the ceilings in the apartment looked stylish, beautiful, original, so the lighting was comfortable and correct - do not copy the interiors of the Internet, and seek advice from an experienced designer.

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