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It was convenient: how to store garden tools

How to organize the storage of garden tools, spending a minimum of space and money

Most often, garden tools summer resident occupy the entire useful area of ​​the barn, "a place to store the meter on the meter, and all forced by shovels, hoes and rakes - do not go." Let's see how obustroli storage shovels and rakes, trimmers and other equipment more neat and organized users FORUMHOUSE.

Stand for garden tools with their own hands

Such a stand is easy to do with their hands. To begin, count how many cells you need to keep your spade and ploskorezy. Crossbar length of 40 cm and a width of 6 cm nail two boards: one - the top, the other - from the bottom. Boards must be at the center of the crossbar. Make lower box (it is necessary for the stability of the structure and for fixing the equipment in the cells). With the ends to the box and nailed lattice supports, board height of 70 centimeters.

If you stand too lazy to tinkering, you can buy: plastic rack storage equipment with long shanks of various diameters are sold in many shops for gardeners.

Some, by the way, are upturned crates of beer, it is inserted into the shovels, forks and so on. D.

All these stands do not take up much space, but some still occupied. Therefore, many users of our portal prefer a different approach, and storage organization shovels ploskorez: when you do not create a special space, and are utilized existing walls and ceiling. For this purpose, all the cuttings done the holes and tied the laces to hang on nails under ceiling, the walls are nailed special semicircular arrangements for storage of hoses and extension cords, m. p.



I recommend to explore not only the surface of sex, but also, if possible, hang tools on the wall. Through the block very convenient to raise the storage bikes can also be hung on hooks different chainsaws, garden vacuums, petrol and Elektrotrimmer.

"Pot hook" trimmer

TigraOSP figured out how to keep benzotrimmery - thing "very horny in the store." At decision device prompted its shelves in shop: such protrusion should be two "rods" on the end with a semicircle-like tongs for Russian furnace under the pot. Hanger-shaped potholders welded to the size of the trim, dressed, in order to avoid scratches on the trimmer, in the rubber hose and arrived almost at the ceiling.



Hangs and is not noticeable it simply class. He came and took the shaft, raised, brought from potholders and now it's yours.

Organizers for garden tools 

We'll show you a few examples to counter the chaos, allowing long time to keep garden tools in good condition, as embodied in the life of our portal users. Pirmid He built barn and took it's a spetsotsek with a separate entrance for entrenching tools and other small things for the garden.



After a vain attempt to extract from woven pile pitchforks, this design was born.

na zzz also I have arranged a small room for storing garden equipment and tools. Staples bought at a hardware store, grills, hooks and drawers - in store for commercial equipment.
Now storage of spades in a barn on a hanger looks like this:

Here is another inspiring example - hanger shovels and rakes:

Nishi PVC-tubes

user FORUMHOUSE Limmpopo offers the option to store inventory: all the garden to "adapt" stand at attention in special niches of the PVC pipe.

Everyone liked the idea: simple, but so beautiful! But - not so convenient. To insert a rack shovel or rake, they need to pick up almost to the ceiling. FORUMHOUSE on this know-how improved: the side of an incision is made in the pipe, which, incidentally, will allow to insert the rack tool with a handle on the handle. You can do something like fastening: strip cut from a plastic bottle, one side of her still mounted on the wall, and the other to make a hole. Put a tool on the wall - "fastens the loop to the second stud in the wall."

Another idea for absolutely pedants: make the bottom of the recess stops from the sewers with a diameter of 50 millimeters, and the tools are not put upside down, and the sealing lip down. Then, exactly as on strunochke, they will be not only the image, but also in reality. Incidentally, these racks can be to try to make out of plastic bottles.

Here's how you can still keep on giving any garden tools on long cuttings. Simple, made with his own hands, stand: two brackets, one tied with twine stud on kontse- invention Anna Sokolova. Tools neatly standing in the corner, do not get underfoot, easy to remove when needed. And above all, take up very little space!

Storing small tools

Small garden tools conveniently stored here in these bags here:

Or hanging on a metal rail with hooks (they are more reliable and less expensive than plastic stands).

And here - just brilliant design idea: small garden tools, all of these blades and ryhlilki hung at the teeth of the old rake, which, in turn, are hung on a nail driven into the wall.

The room for garden tools

In general, the system of storage of garden tools is highly dependent on the room. It's one thing if you are at your disposal - half garage or specially constructed for this purpose cabins, and another - if all that is you and your instruments - area under the stairs measuring meter per meter. "At first the room, then the guidance of beauty and comfort in accommodation such we need buckets, spades, forks, rakes, etc..." - speak Forumhouse. Thus, in Stella777 for storing tools have a separate room - a continuation of the kitchen, but with a separate entrance. Stella777 sheathed clapboard walls, varnished, bought in DIY stores hooks and shelves, and now has an "order and easy access to the tools."

Another important point: before you put the instrument in place, the majority of users FORUMHOUSE cleans his or washes. If the shovel clean even after a simple digging earth ploskorez wash under running water or in a bucket of water over time, develop into a wonderful habit to keep working tool in order.

We offer you our article about the unusual but effective gardening Tools, Video about updates on the market garden tools, a discussion on the topic "necessary set garden tools: what to choose. " In the video below - how to choose tools for lawn care, what to look for when the store run up my eyes.

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