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Simple gable with their hands (practical steps to implement the conceived)

Having bought an old house, "sick" the idea that a remake without any financial investments. The second condition was that create something with their own hands. Given that I am not a builder, the amount and nature of the changes chose feasible for my level of "professionalism." Naturally, the brickwork I have not mastered, but sew up the gables, after the construction of the new slant of the roof, found for itself a very real problem.

What could be the gable

it was difficult to determine the materials of construction can be made. Given the fact that the house was built over 50 years ago, to close the opening masonry fell away by itself, as a basis for the reliability of the wall has caused doubts.

Remained in choosing only light decorative materials installed in the built framework:

- wood paneling;

- plastic lining;

- metal profile.

In considering the embodiment using wooden lining, I confused need regular paint or varnish surface treatment structure. Therefore, the first embodiment has disappeared. Plastic linings confused unreliable and low fire resistance. The choice fell on a metal profile with a decorative coating.

Practical steps to implement the planned

First of all, measurements performed gable openings. Raschertil circuit sewing gable sheets profile, given the size of the overlay of one sheet to another. According to this figure, I ordered metal trading organization. I asked folded cut pieces in accordance with the procedure in Scheme.

For framework antiseptic used to treat timber 40x40 mm. Attach decided to design the most reliable elements of the roof - beams. The first step is reinforced sill to the core house, do not forget to lay a strip of roofing material between the elements.

Due to the size of the vertical takeoff we had to step up to the point of attachment of the frame of the roof slope on the vertical level relative to the lower timber.

They fix the top frame rails of the pediment. With the help of corners,

securely mounted inside the perimeter of the timber, mounted to bridge the additional attachment metal sheets.

The result was fixed wooden lattice. By means of the screwdriver and screws for wood, according to the scheme previously prepared, assembled metal sheets fitted sheets overlaid on each other.

Cutting profile better scissors for metal cutting because the abrasive disc during heating can damage the decorative coating metal.

And if it is necessary to insulate the pediment, the voids between the frame beam and can be filled with foam sheathing on the inside with plywood or fiberboard.

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