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The most beautiful succulents in my collection colors. Features care Gaster

Gaster is a succulent, consisting of one first outlet formed in the form of a boat by four thick leaflets.

In the indoor horticulture is most often used two types of Gasteria: spotty and warty. They are similar to each other in size and shape of the leaves, as well as the color and shape of the picture on them.

But to distinguish them easily. We have Gaster warty growths protruding white, which are felt to the touch. And Gaster spotted leaves are smooth, thickened, she spots - only drawing.

Watering and soil

Gaster very slowly grows in breadth. Therefore, the plant should be planted in a shallow but wide pot. Capacity filled with soil for succulents that make up the botanical gardens.

Adding quite a bit of fertile soil, coarse sand. Small broken bricks or gravel required to fill in around the plant pot. In too fertile soil the plant may rot the roots of the plants, especially when copious irrigation.

The basic rule for the care of Guster: maximum sun, a minimum of moisture. Spray the plant is not necessary, you can only wipe his thick thick leaves of rich green in color with a damp cloth.


In the specialized literature says that Gaster - shade tolerance, but it is not entirely correct. Gaster better grows on the eastern windowsill, where it gets enough sun.

It must be protected from strong sunlight otherwise burns appear on the leaves. The sun's rays are a prerequisite for flowering Gaster, it is considered the most beautiful plants including succulents.

Lighting and transplantation

Flowering starts after a cool winter. Then on the plant there are small flowers, gathered in racemose inflorescence bright yellow or orange color.

Flowering lasts longer than a month. During the time the plant can not be interchanged. You should not even unwrap the pot with a plant in a different direction.

It is impossible to increase watering, otherwise the flowers fade, never revealed.

Gaster need to repot if necessary, or in two years, and only in the spring or summer. For 10 years Gaster is growing at more than 20 outlets, then the container must take wider.

Diseases and pests

Gaster is very rarely damaged by pests or diseases, probably because of the incredible density of its leaves and the persistent nature of this native of the harsh deserts of North Africa.

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