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Unusual painting of pine. Making a bathroom cabinet. Part 9


In the previous parts, it was about drawings, fixtures and methods of work in the manufacture of such a cabinet.

Bathroom cabinet. Author's work
Bathroom cabinet. Author's work

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In this part, we will focus on painting cabinet parts.

The task was to paint so as to make the light fibers on the pine white, and leave the darker ones in a natural color.

test board

If you just paint it with white paint, you won't get this effect. Therefore, I applied a shallow brushing during the sanding step. (more in part 7)

I painted with white acrylic enamel. Using a foam sponge, I rubbed paint from the cabinet details.

painting cabinet parts
painting cabinet parts

After the paint had dried, all parts were sanded with 180-grit sandpaper, so as to completely remove the paint from the more resinous dark pine fibers.

sanding to reveal texture

Pre-brushing just helped not to affect the soft fibers of the wood and they remained white.

This was the first step in painting.

Next, I assembled the facades, the lower suspension bar and glued the decorative elements.

assembly of facades before varnishing
assembly of the lower suspension bar
gluing decor
gluing decor

The decor was glued to PVA wood glue.

After all the preparatory work with similar spray gun covered all the details with colorless varnish. I used a semi-gloss water-based parquet varnish.

varnishing cabinet parts

More details about this work can be seen in the video clip below. The video also shows some of the nuances that are not reflected in the article.

The next part will be the assembly of the locker.

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