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Saskatoon: benefits and harms health

Saskatoon - deciduous shrub type that belongs to the family of pink. It has a second name - currant. It reaches a height of 2-2.5 m. Grows in vivo in areas Crimean and Caucasian. Very well adapted to the environment, so prevalent throughout the world. Benefits and harms of irgi mixed, but overall berry is more favorable than harmful.

The fruits can be remotely resemble small apples with a diameter not more than a centimeter, in contrast to that at top currants located sepals. Bloom begins in mid-spring, and the maturation of the fruit is at the end of the summer, but maturation is uneven. The color may be purple-red or dark blue. The very juicy fruit with a pleasantly pronounced odor, sweet.

Depending on the variety shadberry brings 5 ​​to 10 kg of fruit.

The composition and caloric content of the berries

In irge contained in sufficient natural sugars: glucose, fructose and its isomer, in addition, it includes oksiyantarnaya acid, B vitamins (riboflavin, thiamine and others), vitamins C and E, provitamin A, carotene, cellulose, pectin, micronutrients. Also, there are many tannins, including coumarins, sterols and flavanols. The berry contains mineral elements, the most important of which lead, cobalt, copper, magnesium and potassium, which are needed for the normal functionality of organs and the whole body.

Attention! Saskatoon berry is a low-calorie, 100 g contains only 46 kcal and 12 g carbohydrate. Fats and proteins in berries are absent, whereby it has a good influence on the organism.

benefits irgi

Thanks to the rich content in the berries of biologically active substances, Saskatoon became known multivitamin agent. Pectins included in the composition can assist in the withdrawal of toxins, heavy metal salts and the products of disintegration of the body as well as lowering cholesterol. Carotene has a beneficial effect on eyesight. Ascorbic acid will be useful for colds and influenza epidemics. Berries are often included in the diet of elderly people, because it is able to increase the activity of thinking and strengthen bones. Antioxidants in the berries can prevent the development of cancer and help the body in opposition to Alzheimer's disease.

Important! Saskatoon boosts immunity, enhances tissue regeneration after injury, strengthens the nervous system.

Useful properties of berries irgi allow their use in the treatment of beriberi.

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