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How to rejuvenate Anthurium

Anthurium flower room is very popular, and I was very attracted to his gorgeous blooms and glossy leaves. In addition, it does not require complex care.

But over time, the plant may lose its appeal. Visible signs that the anthurium needs rejuvenation are: no blooming flowers or small, the leaves are falling.

How to rejuvenate anthurium

I recommend using one of the effective ways to rejuvenate the plant, namely:

1. For rooting cuttings apical anthurium, should grow a root system, and then cut the top part of the stem. For this purpose the exposed top of the stem wrap layer moss.

Then moisturize regularly, until a moss sprout roots. This will happen quickly.

Then you need to cut the stem and with a lump of moss, through which will be penetrated by the roots, planted in a prepared flower pot.

2. In a small pot pour loose mixture which consists of soil, moss, charcoal, pine bark, coconut fibers. Then you need to cut off the top to the plants and planted in a pot.

The following conditions must be observed: the tip should contain a few rudiments of the roots, the roots when planting should be in the soil and flower rosettes - on the surface.

Watering is carried out regularly. It should ensure the free outflow of water from the pot.

3. Cut off the tops of the small size and placed in a glass of water. Notice in the water should be only the trunk of the plant. When you notice that the roots began to sprout, the plant can be planted in a pot.

I recommend that after planting the cuttings into the soil, it periodically sprayed with warm waters.

With this method, I before planting cuttings dip it in a solution intended for stimulating root growth. The most frequently used kornevin. A room temperature optimum support 20-25S.

Rejuvenation flower I carry, when transplanted plants. The adult bush separates the side shoots from the roots, and cut off the top for further rooting.

Rejuvenation can be done annually, but it is better to perform this procedure every 3-4 years. The best time for this May - June.

By following simple rules of rejuvenation and further care of the flower, it will please its attractive appearance for many years.

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