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How useful and harmful yeast

Benefits and harms of yeast has recently been increased interest, accompanied by disputes and even improbable conjectures. This substance, in terms of biology, is the live weight of unicellular fungi, which account for more than a thousand species. Their beneficial properties are used in various sectors of the food industry: beer and and kvasovarenii, baking, winemaking, the manufacture of certain dairy products, as well as in cooking, pharmacology, as therapeutic and preventive agent in medicine and livestock.

What is yeast and how they are

This unicellular microorganisms non-green plant origin that trigger processes of fermentation or oxidation of organic compounds, primarily - carbohydrates. Man with food consumes a few helpful yeast species:

  • wine: Located on fruits, berries;
  • brewer: Contained in the malt, hops;
  • dairy: In the milk products;
  • bakery: There are various types of cereals.

Unique and useful properties of yeasts is that they can live in the absence of air, and get energy from fermentation processes and selection of alcohols. Due to the passage of air through the food substrate, they consume oxygen and produce carbon dioxide. However, if the medium is present in a large amount of glucose fermentation process begins even without access of air.

Attention! Fermentation - a natural process that is not only outside the human body, but also inside it.

Chemical composition and caloric content of yeast

Since yeast - are single-celled fungi, we can say that they are composed of about 65% from protein, 10% - from the rest of the amino acids - water, vitamins, micro and macro. The yeast cells are present and other nutrients:

  • polysaccharide;
  • nucleic acids;
  • glycogen;
  • purine and pyrimidine bases;
  • volutin phosphorus compound (a complex of ribonucleic acid and polyphosphates);
  • vitamin B group, D;
  • palmitic (75%) and stearic (25%) of acid.

Caloric yeast is about 75 kcal / 100g.

How useful yeast

Useful properties of baker's and brewer's yeast from time immemorial been used by people in medicine. They contain a lot of value to the body: proteins with essential amino acids, carbohydrates, and a set of enzymes and minerals. That's why it is quite affordable compared to Badami product is suitable for the correction of metabolic disorders, immune problems, the effects of stress, as well as hypovitaminosis.

The use of wine yeast to humans lies in their alcohol, fermentation of grape marc, transforming them into high-quality wine. In addition, their useful properties are disclosed in improving blood circulation processes, strengthening the vascular network, the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Scientists have discovered a relationship yeast and microflora in the gastrointestinal tract, in particular - the beneficial effects on inflammatory bowel disease.

Apart from the fact that the yeast carry micronutrients, they also make it possible to synthesize in the human body essential vitamins (B-group, C), as well as strengthen the immune system that are the most important biochemical catalyst processes. Celled reduce blood sugar, saturated with many useful substances, among them - selenium, which has strong anti-cancer activity.

Attention! Scientists have discovered another useful property of yeasts: their reception during the nerve overload and stress improves the ability to concentrate. So that the yeast should lean and those who are preparing for exams or competitions.

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