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Baked onions: the use of the recipe with a photo in the oven

Benefits and harms of baked onions are well known not only nutritionists but also experts of traditional medicine. With this simple available means can be facilitated for some diseases, to enhance immunity and improve the body as a whole.

The composition and properties of roasted onions

Use of an onion and liver damage to the body due to biologically active substances contained therein. In the list of the most important compounds are:


  • C - is responsible for the immune system;
  • PP - wound healing;
  • B9 - blood, metabolism;
  • H - carbohydrate metabolism.

Trace elements:

  • cobalt: provides blood, the synthesis of insulin;
  • manganese: reduces sugar, regulate lipid metabolism;
  • iron: promotes hematopoiesis;
  • Zinc: heals wounds, prevents diabetes, arthritis, rheumatic disease;
  • Copper: is involved in the synthesis of hemoglobin, reproduction and growth, the formation of collagen;
  • Phosphorus: strengthens the musculoskeletal system.

Volatile - a volatile substances detrimental effect on bacteria, fungi, protozoa. Stimulate regeneration of tissue.

These and other elements that have useful properties, are simultaneously present in a small baked onion. If you learn to bake delicious onion, then it is possible to enjoy a full healthy life, not burdened with chronic fatigue, lack of energy and depressed mood.

Benefits for the body of baked onions

In folk medicine, baked onions - is one of the most used means, which has universal useful properties and broad-sided action, helps with many diseases and is used in most various types. Useful properties of baked onion is used by people suffering from disorders of the digestive tract functions. This is especially important because the raw product increases the secretion of digestive enzymes, which pays benefits to the detriment of the development of ulcers, gastritis hyperacid.

Use baked onion liver enclosed in fat metabolism regulation. The dish is cholagogue, eliminates stagnation, clears the ducts, and also protects the liver against the destructive influence of alcohol, drugs, bad food, but a list of useful properties of this not ends.

Widely used the benefits of baked onions and men, in particular, help in diseases of the reproductive system:

  • infertility;
  • weak potency;
  • insufficient sperm production;
  • prostate adenoma.

Scope of the useful properties of baked onion is quite extensive. It is also often used in cases of:

  • increased blood clotting;
  • prevention of heart attacks, strokes;
  • maintain liver, pancreas;
  • purification strengthening vessels in atherosclerosis, hypertension;
  • lowering cholesterol.

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