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From what helps peony tincture, how to take it

Altai shamans and healers Tibet since time immemorial used in their practices peony. This plant is considered the birthplace of Siberia, it occurs in China, Tibet, Urals. At the pharmacy you can find several dosage forms peony tablets, raw materials, tincture. The most popular form of liquid. It is convenient to use and store. Today, the benefits and harms tinctures peony studied and recommended by official medicine.

Ingredients Peony tincture

Peony extract - brown transparent liquid, has an odor of methyl salicylate. It comprises: aboveground part of the plant, the roots and ethyl alcohol (40%). Benefits and harms of tinctures peony health due to the properties of its constituent nutrients:

  • essential oils - substances contribute to the regulation of metabolism and digestion;
  • tannins and organic acids - contribute to the normalization of the vital processes in the body;
  • antibiotics - help to destroy bacteria and viruses;
  • glycosides - improve the functioning of the cardiac system.

Useful properties of peony tincture

Most often, the peony is used as a sedative, but there are other useful properties:

  • the ability to shoot cramps and spasms;
  • destroy harmful microorganisms and viruses due to natural antibiotics;
  • successful struggle with the pain of various origins;
  • stimulation of wound healing;
  • normalization of blood supply.

Benefits peony tincture for men

Although the peony is not a strong aphrodisiac, it has a beneficial effect on erectile function in men, increasing sexual activity. The positive effect of infusions of peony is the ability to regulate the hormonal balance. It will be useful for men with high testosterone content to bring it back to normal, relaxation of the nervous system during stress, strenuous exercise.

How useful tincture of a peony for women

Useful properties of peony allow actively use it in gynecology. Plant tincture is recommended for cervical erosion, mastitis, menopausal complications. It helps tool during cycle disorders, painful or heavy menstruation. Peony is capable of stimulating estrogen, it helps to relieve chest pain, promotes the resorption of seals during mastitis. But tincture - this is just an aid. Undergo comprehensive treatment should be under the guidance and supervision of a gynecologist, because the uncontrolled admission can obtain harm to the body.

Indications peony tincture

Is best known hypnotic and sedative effect tinctures peony. It is as a natural remedy to such useful properties can be purchased at the pharmacy. But these qualities, the healing power of peony is not limited, it is also shown:

  • for the normalization of metabolism;
  • improve efficiency;
  • combat phobias and compulsions;
  • recovery of the central nervous system;
  • struggle with cramps;
  • preventing internal bleeding;
  • increase the acidity of the stomach;
  • Against Epilepsy.

Official medicine extract recognized beneficial properties, it is used as an auxiliary agent for insomnia, neurosis, climacteric disorders.

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