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4 main rules to Violets bloom all year round

In my home flower garden violets not really take root until a florist is not suggested to the subtleties of care.

One of the innovative solutions - instead of watering the soil around the pot obkladyvat ice to melt it on a pallet and moisturizing plant on the principle of automatic watering. As a result, the plant is fed by melt water and because the leaves are succulent and flower stalks - large.

Here are a few basic rules, how to care for these flowers so that they are lush and long blooming.

1. Pot and the soil

· Capacity should not be very large. It must be chosen commensurate with the plant, as in a large pot roots begin to grow, and every effort is spent on them, not on the flower stalks.

· Earth is better to choose a universal or special - for violets, it must be of sufficient acidity.

· Should not be taken from the open ground soil, as there may be pests, and violets are very sensitive to them.

· Be sure to use drainage, these flowers without it can not fully develop.

2. Heat and light

Violets - heat-loving and light-loving plants, but excessive lighting and direct sunlight are not necessary. Because you need to place flowers on the west or north-west side.

On heavily-lit window sill need to grow flowers with shading, for example, using light curtains or mosquito net.

Violets like ambient light, and when the leaves begin to stretch up, then you have chosen the wrong place for it.

The duration of illumination should be not less than 12ti hours, can help in this artificial lighting.

Drafts should be completely excluded. Heat - too inconvenient option. The ideal temperature is considered to 16-20 C °.

3. Fertilizing and watering

· Irrigation is needed here is moderate, in small portions, a thin stream, not getting on the leaves and rosettes.

· Water should be at room temperature. Before watering it should stand for days.

· Can be placed next to a flower container with water or place the plant in the pan, so that it has absorbed the desired amount of moisture, the excess water is drained.

· To feed enough once a month. Perebarschivanie may affect the well-being of the flower - the leaves turn yellow and fall off.

4. formation outlet

To flower was neat and flat shape, the outlet needs to be formed by removing the extreme dry and rotten leaves to roots, the faded flower stalks, the extra power outlet nearby.

The latter may suppress flower and promote its overgrowth. Smooth beautiful shape formed by the light. To do this, you need to periodically rotate the flower.

Here are some simple rules to help you grow a lush, healthy plant, which is a long time will delight you with its extraordinary colors.

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