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The useful baked milk

Melted (stewed) milk - a traditional drink cuisine Slavic countries, which has no analogues. His story begins in peasant ovens in Russia and more than one century. Benefits and harms of warm milk has long been studied by experts on nutrition. They concluded that the positive effect of warm milk on the body much more than the negative. To assess the benefits and harms of this delicacy on their own, should be familiar with the composition, contraindications, properties, and methods of application.

How to cook baked milk

In Russia, this healthy dish prepared in the oven, pouring cow's milk on a clay pot and leaving them there for a day. Now for such purposes is used in kitchen appliances.

preparation principle is boiling, the subsequent anguish in a warm place and cooling the solid milk product. Treat receives a gentle cream color due to the interaction between lactose, and amino acids milk proteins, sweet taste due to the thermal denaturation of whey proteins, and new and useful properties.

Baked milk is prepared in an industrial scale. To this raw material pre-pasteurized and held by three hours at high temperatures (about one hundred degrees) in a closed container to obtain a specific organoleptic quality. To the homogeneous mass was, without protein and fat accumulation layer, it periodically stirred. Then reduce the temperature in the containers to forty degrees, constantly stirring the liquid, and then send it to a cooler and bottled.

Composition of warm milk

Useful properties of warm milk are determined by a unique composition. When longing whole milk changes the structure loses its excess moisture and some nutrients (retinol - twice, ascorbic acid - four times), but thanks heat treatment the content of many important vitamins, amino acids and trace elements (iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, beta-carotene and others) are significantly increases. And increasing amounts of fat (up to 6%).

The table of contents of nutrients in melted milk:

Among other things, in the composition contained 4.5 g mono- and disaccharides and 0.12 mg of organic acid per 100 grams of that benefit.

Caloric and nutritional value of baked milk

Liquid sufficient caloric and nutrient. Nutritional value of 67-84 kcal / 100 g


  • proteins: 2,9-3 g;
  • Fat: 6.4 g;
  • carbohydrates: 4.7 g

Tip! To reduce the caloric content, you can take to prepare low-fat milk, but the result will not be so good and helpful.

The use of warm milk for the body

Due to the fact that the composition of fatty molecules in the liquid are smaller and easy to digest, the use of warm milk for the body is much higher than harm. The product even recommend diabetics, allergy sufferers and people with digestive problems.

Among the useful properties of the release:

  • a beneficial effect on the nervous system, heart and blood vessels (vitamin B1, magnesium);
  • and improvement of skin, hair and nails, slow the aging process, improving sleep (vitamin A, phosphorus);
  • stimulation of the immune system;
  • stimulation of the thyroid gland and the normalization of hormonal levels;
  • support muscle tone (easily digestible protein);
  • strengthening bones and teeth (calcium, vitamin D);
  • stimulation of the brain;
  • normalizing the water-salt balance (sodium);
  • preventing anemia (iron);
  • getting rid of beriberi;
  • relief from heartburn and prevention of gastric disorders (milk fat);
  • purgation of harmful microorganisms and toxins (lactose);
  • toning, anti-stress.

Important! Useful properties of any product manifested only by judicious use. Excess can cause serious harm.

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