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Why do leaves fall from the ficus and how to save plant

One of the most popular houseplants considered Ficus. Flower requires special attention and care. For it is easy to care for, knowing how to do it. But sometimes you can face the problem of leaf fall. You will be interested to learn more about the care of the beautiful plants.

Ficus is a beautiful plant that will decorate your home and give comfort. Enjoying the beauty of the plants can prevent leaf fall.

If you encounter this problem, the first step is to find out the cause of what is happening. Then it is necessary to proceed to its elimination, to prevent the destruction of the flower.

Ficus loves lit place, but with a little shadow. It is not necessary to put a flower in the sun, but also do not have to keep in the dark.

To find out what is covered leaves reset reason, you must:

· Estimate the temperature of a flower growing place:

· Clarify the availability of drafts;

· Assess the darkening of the pot.

If we analyze the situation, you notice abnormalities, move the plant to a more suitable place.

ficus leaves have a long life cycle, namely from one to three years. Lower plant leaves begin to turn yellow and eventually die off. it natural process and this can not be avoided. If things begin to turn yellow tip of the plant should be alarmed.

An important role in the cultivation of Ficus plays watering plants. Dried out soil to water necessary. If you are heavily filled with water plants, you must make a connection to not rot the roots.

Remember, water for irrigation should be only room temperature.

Ficus do not like change, so that a paste you should choose a suitable location for the cultivation of this plant. Just unpleasant phenomenon for plants is transfer. If a flower needs the transplant should learn how to do it right.

Just cause leaf fall can be lack of lighting. Do not forget that this plant does not tolerate cold drafts and sudden changes in temperature.

If the plant gets sick, it starts to give signals to the hosts, namely to dump the leaves. Remember to periodically inspect the flower and destroy pests. The main time to find insects, until they have caused serious harm to your pet.

Upon detection of harmful residents perform the following steps:

· Kill insects with special means;

· Get ​​rid of infected leaves;

· After a certain time for a repeated spraying insect repellent.

Stress It can also cause leaf fall. So that before transferring the plants to the new location should be treated with its anti-stress drugs.

Adhering to the light of the rules on the care of plants, you will be able to grow up healthy, strong rubber plant, which will have a long time to delight in its beauty.

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